FAQ: Time for your questions

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Who is izi?

izi is today trying to solve a common problem that most of the beginner Do-it-Yourself investors are facing today! Finance, and especially Stock Investing is complex and boring. With izi, we want to say goodbye to Finance Complexity and help Do-it-Yourself people interested in Stocks to become Great Stock Investor. Our Start-up is not yet registered as the hello-izi.com web application is still a Beta version, a prototype.

We are like you , 3 folks interested in stock investing and thinking that the world of Stocks is too Big Guys oriented. We are 3 folks from the Leman lake with experience in finance, technology, and learning. We are the first izi user as we need izi ourselves, to help us learning Stock Investing and find good stock for our long term investment. We share the same pain as everyone else. Mainly Financial Platform is complex, not accessible and quite boring. That’s why we are here to change it and make anyone a brilliant self-directed investor "because you are Smart" with our izi assistant!

What is a stock Analysis?

As your personal Stock Analyst, izi is helping you to analyse your favourites stocks on a fundamental, technical and risk perspective. In order to make it accessible and understandable for all of us, izi is providing different analysis experiences depending on your skills and experience. That's why you have a beginner, an intermediate and an expert analysis. Each analysis level will give the appropriate data and analysis you need to understand the izi Mood over a stock. izi is now providing analyses over 3'300 stocks in EUR, USD, GBP and CHF.

What is the "izi Mood"?

The izi Mood is a synthesis of 4 different stock evaluations. The izi mood considered in a certain equal weight the fundamental, technical, risk and sectors analyses. There are 3 differents grades of Mood: Good, Neutral and Bad. izi is mainly using the calculation and evaluation technology for theScreener.com. theScreener technology is now available for more than 17 years and using by big Banks, Brokers, and Asset Managers worldwide. As izi wants to offer a nice and efficient experience, izi team developed powerful algorithms to interpret the data and make it easy to understand with the Mood!

What are smart picks?

To make the Discover Experience cool and efficient, izi developed an augmented search engine to help you to fastly meet cool company's stocks. By using its tagging engine, izi selects a set of stocks related to the tag selection. izi is today delivering 5 smart picks which can fit with our community of users needs.

What are the tags?

To give the best experience to discover stocks you could like or Not;) izi is powering scalable tagging engine to filter the Stock Market. These tags evolve on each update ( twice a week) to match the selected criteria. izi is providing with tags a smart screening different filters such as the Mood, the Currencies ( EUR/USD/CHF/GBP), the budget of stocks, the size of the market capitalization, and the sectors. Also, izi developed tags to monitor evolutions of Moods and performance. Ultimately, izi is building Smart Tags and Investor styles tags to give you fast and cool smart filters. Thanks in advance to let us know that you love it ;)

What is the Beginner Analysis?

The Beginner analysis is the basic analysis of a stock. izi takes into consideration the Fundamental, technical, risk and sector analysis.

The "What experts say ?" section is about the fundamental analysis of a stock. izi do compile all the data and analysis to interpret the fundamental analysis like the financial analysts earning revision trend of the price earning ratio including the growth and the dividend, called the Peter Lynch Ratio. You can learn more about Fundamental Analysis within the izi academy.

The "What investors do ? " section is clearly the technical analysis. Considering technical indicators such as the Medium technical trend and the relative performance izi is assessing the market and investors interests on a stock. In this section, izi is trying to evaluate if the investors are buying this stock or not. You can learn more about the technical analysis within the izi academy.

The "Is it a Risky stock ?" part provides an indication of the risk over a stock as it's evaluating the sensitivity of every stock. Again, by default Stocks are risky investments. The risk indication is compiling different indicators such as beta, correlation, and volatility of a Stock. Ultimately the risk is the sensitivity of a stock to market fluctuations, In other words, izi is calculating the resilience of each stock during market fluctuations. You can learn more about the resilience of a stock within the izi academy.

Eventually, the "Sector" part is based through an aggerate of the related sectors.

What is the Intermediate Analysis?

The Intermediate analysis is ta more advanced analysis on stocks.

In order to give a more detailed evaluation of a stock, izi is providing 7 layers of analysis.

  • The Stock valuation and the expert's views are giving some details about the fundamental analysis. In the Stock Valuation izi is calculating if the Stock price is currently cheap or not.
  • The Experts view is returning the confidence of the Financial analyst community.
  • The Investors View is delivering the enthusiasm of the market about the stock. In other words, it is evaluating if the market is buying or not the stock.
  • The Stock strength is presenting if the stock is defensive or not in a market drop.
  • The pressure resistance is evaluating the resistance of the stock when there is a bad news on the stock.
  • The Dividend part is providing the estimation of Dividend yield on the stock.
  • The Analyst Community part underlines how many financial analysts are currently covering the stock and providing estimates.

What is the Expert Analysis?

izi is currently working hard with his users to produce you soon a truly expert analysis on 3'300 stocks. If you want to contribute and make izi your, please vote in the Dizicracy section.

What is the Monitor?

It’s your loved Stocks nest. izi isn’t just a way for you to search for new ideas, stocks you’ve not thought of before. izi also wants you to keep track of the companies you know and the companies you already own. At anytime you can add companies to the monitor and then look at our analysis of your favourite companies, side-by-side. Please keep in mind that the monitor has been developed by our current users family thanks to priceless feedback and we thank again our happy izi friends. By the way, you’ll need to sign up to have your own monitored list.

What is the izi Academy?

The izi academy is the spot to be when you want to learn stock investing. Again thanks to priceless feedbacks izi is developing the academy to transmit helpful knowledge to all of us! In the izi academy, you will get the knowledge to become a great stock investor by understanding how to select a stock which can fit your preferences and experiences. As you can see, there are 3 differents levels. Anytime you pass a level you will get access to the new level of stock analysis. With your experience points, you will get access to new features to be not a great but an awesome stock investor. In the izi family, we truly believe that you are smart and you can challenge the status quo of finance by being a smart participant of the stock market! That why we want to help you forever!

Why should you sign up?

Save your progress in the izi Academy, Save your ideas, Monitor your favourites stock and become an izi mentor. If you want izi to track a list of companies for you, then izi’d like to meet you. That way, you can come back any time on any device and see the information on the stocks you care about most. Similarly, if you access izi from multiple devices, you’ll need to register if you want to access the same profile across your devices. Also, better to put sensitive data behind a password, eh?

Where the data come from?

Thomson Reuters and theScreener.com mainly. They are one of the leading professional information and quantitative analyses companies in the world. Their data are used by thousands of “Financial” firms with hundreds of thousands of professionals relying on their data and services to make their investment decisions. All the major websites like Google Finance, Yahoo! Finance, CNBC, etc buy data from Thomson Reuters. So you may not realise it, but you are already a customer of theirs, indirectly at the least.

Why are the data not real time?

izi is on a mission: To help Investors and long term economy players. NOT Trader!
We truly believe Stock investing should be responsible and positive to the global economy. There is somehow magic in the Stock Market. Long term investors can support companies and project they believe in it! izi wants to help investors to become good and useful economy player. "Rome wasn't built in a day" and every sustainable decision should be made rationally and without stress! Learn more about Investors within the izi academy. That's the reason izi is updating its analysis twice a week! izi avoids the useless market noise. You can learn more about the market noise within the academy. Ultimately if you are a trader who is short term and does not care about the companies you invest in, we afraid you do not need izi as you are not sharing the same philosophy for long term apprenticeship and investing.

Is investing in stocks risky?

YES. It’s very risky. You can lose all your money. Yes, all, if the value of the company you’ve invested in plummets. Or worse, you could speculate, borrowing money to invest in shares and then lose even more money that the cash you invested. That’s called investing on margin, Learn more about this risk of investing on margin within the academy. Broker's love lending you money to trade. Fees, fees, fees. Even though they could bankrupt you. So please careful, don't speculate. Think of the long-term, not a quicky.

Is izi giving me advice?

NO! NO! NO! izi doesn’t give advice, doesn't recommend. Just like Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Reuters.com, and other similar sites, izi doesn’t tell you what to buy, what to sell. izi doesn’t make recommendations. izi provides financial data in an easily accessible form. That’s all. The results of your investment screens using izi merely provide you with ideas for future research. They are not a buy list or set of recommendations and should not be treated as such. izi focuses on the objective data from Thomson Reuters and theScreener. izi gives you access to all the key metrics behind every publicly traded stock in USA, and Europe. With this information, you can do your own research. izi avoids subjective data and opinion, other than the earning revision from the analysts. For example, izi doesn't provide research reports from stock brokers, izi doesn't provide news and reporting. Come on your are Smart, you understand that izi is your friend, not your Banker!

If I lose money who’s fault is it?

It’s your fault, unfortunately. You are smart and in control of your financial destiny. You decide. You search. You check. You discuss ideas with the people you trust. You make your decisions. izi is here to give everyone access to large quantities of financial data, objective information in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use manner. We believe that everyone has the skill to manage their investments. Our goal is to give you the key tools you need to do it well. Many people don't want to take the risk of losing money. So they outsource the blame to the professionals. And with the way the professionals report their performance to us, we are often in total ignorance on how they are doing. If you lose money this way, it is cold comfort that someone else took the decision that failed you. Hey please keep in mind, We truly believe you are smart to take the control of your future, so you are 100% responsible for your moves :)